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When looking over the proposed route, Stanford and Hopkins and their engineers traveled the upper section of the valley on horseback and camped out. Crocker announced a construction program of a "mile of track every working day," a goal that actually was surpassed.

This made Southern Pacific truly "transcontinental" with what was then the most extensive transportation system in the world. Each company was alert to the advantage in future earnings from every additional mile of railroad built.

Biggest job was a foot bridge across the Clackamas River. During that year Southern Pacific pushed construction simultaneously from Hornbrook north and from Ashland south.

Mercier issued a message to Southern Pacific men and women saying that "our first duty is to our government in the war," and added: Trade of the area was being well served by steamers and sailing vessels; and, what was more important at the moment, the most direct and cheapest route for the transcontinental line would have been through the Cajon and San Gorgonio passes to the Colorado River, with a branch line later into Los Angeles.

In addition to the new lines and acquisitions already mentioned, numerous short fines were completed or under construction on the Atlantic System east of El Paso, as well as throughout the western states. The new route relegated to a branch line the historic pioneer line around the north end of the lake through Promontory, where the memorable Last Spike was driven.

I know the men and women of our railroad. Judah lived only long enough to see construction actually underway on the railroad that had been his great obsession.

Even the assurance of government aid through grants of land and the loan of federal money, left the Central Pacific organizers with a formidable task ahead of them.

It was vital that California and the Pacific Coast be bound to the Union, consequently the Pacific Railroad became a military necessity. Special spikes of precious metals were presented on behalf of other western states.

Edson Expediting Services Inc

Construction that started in the spring of was completed in the fall of Judaha young civil engineer. This line through Stockton and Niles Canyon was over a route originally projected by the Western Pacific Railroad no connection with the later company of the same name whose federal authority for construction had been taken over by the Central Pacific.

The first separate dining cars in regular service were not operated by Pullman on the Overland Route until early in the '90s, and then only between Ogden and Truckee.

Money acquired by sale of bonds in advance of construction had been spent with reckless abandon. Again the forces were transferred to the Truckee region. Trains were operated to Chico on July 2, ; to Tehama, August 28, ; Red Bluff, December 6,and to Redding on September 1,where the terminus remained 12 years while the builders in Oregon were in and out of the financial wringer.

Withdrawal of the southern representatives left official Washington of one accord. Rock was so hard it took the better part of a year to dig the shaft deep enough to begin the laterals, and it was another year from then before the tunnel was completed.

Preliminary surveys were run, congressional support obtained, and Oregon personages brought into the enterprise, which was headed by Simon J. Work never came to a complete stop, but there were days on end when there was not one cent in the company's treasury.

Beyond Auburn the forty-mile mark was passed and government bonds loaned the railroad could be turned into cash. The situation called for fast action and Holladay delivered in a grand manner. Spreckels in building a line from San Diego to connect with SP's transcontinental route at El Centre, work on which was begun in While Southern Pacific's properties were being expanded under the guidance of Huntington, the Union Pacific system which joined SP at Ogden had developed to a strong position under the direction of E.

Pioneer of transcontinental railroads, Southern Pacific had its origin in the Central Pacific Rail Road Company of California, incorporated June 28,to build the western portion of the Pacific Railroad.


White labor was scarce in California, for men were more interested in digging for gold than in working on a railroad. The nation's first all-steel passenger coach was completed by SP at its Sacramento Shops in July, The great metropolis of today was then a sleepy, little Mexican city with a population of less than 10, Harriman was elected chairman of the SP executive committee in April,and became president on September 26 the same year, a position in which Charles M.

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Edson Expediting Service Inc

The New York City Police Commissioner is the head of the New York City Police sgtraslochi.com Commissioner is appointed by the Mayor, and serves at the Mayor's pleasure. The Commissioner is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the department as well as the appointment of deputies and subordinate officers.

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Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum - Photographs, stereoviews, engravings, maps, and documents illustrating the history of the first transcontinental railroad. recent and featured businesses, homes, farms, acreages, restaurants, hotels and more, for sale by owner.

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